Sensei Brandon Slicker

Brief info

The head instructor at Traditional Karate Dojo is Sensei Brandon Slicker. Slicker has been doing the Martial Arts almost all of his life and teaching for over half of it. Slicker has taught in a functioning school with a student base of over 300 and has modeled his school on their success.

Slicker has also taught at three YMCA’s bringing the programs up into a successful and important program for the establishment.

With black belt ranks in both Karate and Kobudo, Sensei Slicker has also had the opportunity to learn and study many other Martial Arts with black belt ranks in, Aikido, and Tai Chi. As well as other ranks in Modern Arnis, and Aikijujitsu. Although Sensei Slicker is very dedicated to the Traditional Japanese Karate he has had many influences from other martial arts .